3 Ways Your Guidance Counselor Might Be Sabotaging You

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Recent College Planning “Secrets” Workshop

Fair warning, this is a bit of a “mini-rant.”

But I need to get this off my chest, because it’s been going on for far too long…

…and it’s hurting our kids’ futures.

Be honest – we choose colleges for the dumbest reasons.  Just because a particular college “went deep” in the NCAA tournament, or is in The South, or happens to be festooned on the rear window stickers of cars in your neighborhood, does NOT mean that it’s a “good school.”

Even US News & World Report rank is seriously flawed – not to mention easily manipulatable.  I wish guidance counselors would explain this to their students – and parents.

The next gripe has to do with getting our kids’ hopes up about their chances of admission at top colleges.  It’s easy – and, frankly, a bit lazy – to use a tool like Naviance and proclaim, “These are your Safeties, Targets and Reaches.” How helpful is this?

You be the judge.  Naviance factors two things: academic credentials (grades and standardized test scores) and how your child stacks up compared to his/her peers from that high school.

However, academic credentials are weighted approximately 60% (!) in the overall admissions decision.  In other words, Naviance ignores 40% of the elements that admissions officers examine.  How comfortable can you feel?

College admissions is more marketing than meritocracy!

Even if you don’t like it.

Even if it’s “not fair.”

The other fatal flaw is that your kid is facing competition from all over the world, not merely from your particular high school.  I know you and your kids are curious about where you stand, but how are you supposed to rely on this microscopic amount of information?

You’re competing with thousands of kids with the same grades and scores, Naviance shows you a handful of them, artificially chosen.

Problem 3 is that most kids – and parents – don’t have a serious college planning discussion until late in 11th grade, when they have “The Meeting” with their guidance counselor (and walk out with the same list of colleges as the family who met with her before them).

My issue is that kids start creating their “body of work” that admissions officers will judge as early as 9th grade. By the time you meet with your guidance counselor, at least half of the choices and decisions about classes, extracurricular activities, what to do over the summer and so forth will already have been made.  Whoops!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing individual guidance counselors, although I know that many will take what I’ve written this way.  Guidance counselors are part of the system, but most of them are hard working, they have far more to do than meet with kids about college, and most genuinely mean well.

Look, I listed only three problems here, I didn’t get into financial aid, scholarships, college essays, negotiating with colleges and a LOT more stuff that needs to be addressed.

I’m conducting a free workshop on all of the above this Wednesday night, in Garden City.


Discussions topics include:

  • Which types of savings accounts “penalize” you in the financial aid formulas, which do not count against you at all

  • What to do at the 11th hour if you’ve saved in the wrong places

  • The inconvenient, politically incorrect truth about what college admissions officers REALLY want to see (hint:  it’s not just super high grades and ridiculous standardized test scores)

  • How millionaires can get discounts of 48.6% off the cost of college

  • How to “10X” odds of admission, even if your kid didn’t cure a deadly disease last summer or build a village in a Third World country over winter break

  • WARNING:  your guidance counselor’s, accountant’s or “financial guy’s” advice may have SABOTAGED your chances of aid

  • The new changes to the FAFSA financial aid form and what they mean for your family

  • The surprising truth about what admissions officers are REALLY looking for

  • Little-known financial aid “loopholes” for business owners

  • Negotiation secrets: How a mild-mannered college planner got an extra $30,000  – per year – out of a top West Coast college AFTER its “final” offer

We added more seats last week, so please send this invitation along to any of your fellow parents who are facing the same obstacles and have the same questions.  As long as we have room, they’re welcome to come!


I hope you can make it, especially if you have a Class of 2018 or 2019 kid.


Andy “Busted Bracket” Lockwood

P.S.  I know the tone of this message was a little, ahem, “strong,” but our kids are facing severe obstacles and I feel like someone needs to shout til they’re blue in the face about it to get us all to wake up:  Student debt and defaults continue to skyrocket, 50% of kids who graduated college two years ago STILL don’t have  jobs that require a college degree, 93% of employers say that college grads are unprepared to work for them.  I could go on, but you get the point!  🙂

You may not want to hear this

Easily avoidable financial aid and scholarship mistake...ouch

I was chatting with a client the other day, his daughter had gotten into some pretty good schools. REALLY good colleges, actually.
What was the problem?
She – of course – wants to go to the college that offered ZERO in financial aid and scholarships.
70K smackeroos…per year.
She received great scholarship offers from several other, competitor colleges, including 50% off tuition from Choice #2. But of course none of these schools is as desirable as Full Boat U.
Here’s the kicker – had this client engaged us a year ago, instead of merely a few weeks ago, we could have helped him qualify for at least 25% off at the “Dream College.” His particular combination of modest income but high assets lends itself perfectly to our “sheltering” techniques.
He knew it, I knew it, but it wasn’t productive to bemoan the past. Instead, we’re trying to appeal the award, but I won’t lie – it’s not going so well. I wish we had met in his kid’s Junior year of high school.
If you have a Class of 2018, or younger kiddo, you’re “on the clock.” Financial aid, scholarships, college list, ACT/SAT test prep – there’s a lotta stuff that has to happen – with more urgency than you may think. High school ends in, what, 31/2 months?
I’m conducting two free workshops this month (one tonight) and our first ever open house this Saturday morning. The workshops are general in nature, “College Financial Aid, Scholarships and Admissions Secrets.”
Saturday’s open house is different – it’s an informal way for families interested in our college planning, financial aid and ACT/SAT prep services to kick the tires and play “Make A Deal” before we run out of capacity. You can meet the team – me, Pearl (a/k/a “Financial Aid Warrior”) and our tutor, Marissa (a/k/a “Marissa” 🙂 to ask us anything you want.
All info – including dates, times and locations – is posted here:
(Non-local folks – check out our webinar schedule at www.FinancialAidWebcast.com)
Speak soon,
-Andy “Time Cop” Lockwood
P.S. Space is limited, so registration is first-come, first-served. Tonight’s event in Greenlawn is overbooked (according to Linda at the Harborfields Library, if you must know) but register anyway and you could get lucky with no-shows. Our open house is about 60% full, and our workshop in Garden City later this month is about 47% full so far.
So we’ve got room, for you and a friend or two 🙂 Pass this email along!

Proprietary “College Guru” Software

Predict your chances of admission, scholarships and financial aid with 90% certainty

Nothing against Naviance™ , but it’s pretty darn misleading.

What do I mean?  Consider the following:

  1. Naviance factors in grades and standardized test scores…BUT academic credentials “count” approximately 60% of the admissions equation.  In other words, Naviance ignores 40% of the factors going into the decision to admit or deny.
  2. Naviance looks at your (your kid’s) chances compared to other kids from your high school who were admitted into each college…BUT you’re not competing with kids from your school, you’re up against competitor-applicants from all over the world.

Our “College Planning Guru” software was designed by Don Betterton, a long-time (30+ years) admissions committee member and Director of Financial Aid at Princeton University, along with two of his Princeton students.

When I speak to Mr. Betterton, it’s like I’m talking to the Burning Bush!

This software considers practically ALL of the elements that go into the admissions decision. There are 20-25, including grades and scores.

What this means for you

When you use our software, you will

  • Get a realistic idea of your odds of admission to the colleges on your list so that you can avoid “Admissions Armageddon” (denied by all of your colleges)
  • Create a balanced and strategic list of schools
  • See how to improve your odds of admission by increasing extracurricular activities, volunteer hours, etc.
  • Handicap your shot of receiving merit scholarships from your colleges
  • Calculate your eligibility for need-based aid from your colleges
  • Feel comfortable and confident that you’ll get into most of your colleges!

The investment

For a limited time you can get access to this “secret” tool that is not available to the public.  Try searching for it, I’ll wait 🙂  (It’s currently being offered for $997)

The investment is only $297, then after 90 days, $47 per month.  You can cancel any time, it’s not a cell phone contract or gym membership!

Enroll today, get clarity and confidence about YOUR college plan, today!

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5 Tips On How To Negotiate With A College

How to appeal a lousy financial aid offer after it's given

When I speak to parents about college planning “loopholes” and “landmines,” one of the most interesting topics (judging from the questions I get) is how to negotiate with colleges.

I’m speaking tonight in Dix Hills in detail about this, but I wanted to quickly share my 5 steps for successfully negotiating with a college:

  1. Understand that colleges are BUSINESSES (I know, they’re “nonprofit!”) and, as such, do not always give their highest and best offers because they want your money!
  2. The best way to stack the odds in your favor is to have offers from other, competitor colleges. This means that high school juniors should think about applying strategically – NOT only to colleges featured on rear windows of cars in your neighborhood, Saturday afternoons on ESPN or in March Madness (Prediction – Villanova will report receiving a record number of applications this year)
  3. Follow each college’s rules for appealing a financial aid offer – most have paperwork for you to complete (yay – more forms!) to request a re-evaluation of your award
  4. Have a legitimate reason to ask them to reassess your award – some colleges claim that they will not look at other offers, I’d send them anyway.  Other legit reasons are unanticipated loss of income and unexpected increase in expenses.  Not: We live in an expensive area of the country!  (They know that already, they consider that to be a choice you’ve made.)
  5. Be nice, grateful, courteous.  Not outraged, entitled or aggressive.  Obvious tip that should go without saying?  Um, yeah.  No comment.

If you want more of the “411” on negotiations/appealing and other college planning strategies, come on by tonight at the Half Hollow Hills Library!


Other topics to be covered:

  • How to “hide” your money from the financial aid formulas, the financial aid office and James Comey
  • Legal and ethical strategies to triple your eligibility for financial aid
  • The biggest college planning mistake 53% of parents make…and how to avoid it
  • The counter-intuitive, inconvenient truth behind published admissions statistics…and what you need to know – and do as early as 9th grade – to multiply your odds of getting in
  • The one question your Class of 2018 or younger kid must answer on a college application…but isn’t actually asked
  • More!

Sign up now, we still have 7 seats left as of this morning.  Bring a friend who could use this info, just forward this email


See ya!

-Andy “Art Of The Financial Aid Deal” Lockwood

P.S.  I know, I know, it’s not easy to pull yourself away from the latest Wikileak bombshell scheduled for release tonight.  But I recommend you come anyway. Chances are you’ll be able to catch up on the news after our workshop.

Fact Checking High School “College Night”

Have you been to your high school’s annual College Night meeting yet?

Pearl went last night pre-debate (and pre rant), and is going to report on her experience today on College Talk Tuesday, [12:00]-[12:30] ET.

Spoiler alert – she was not too surprised at what was said…

But she was shocked by what was NOT said!

She’ll share her thoughts today.



We are hosting our own Virtual College Night this Thursday on College Success For Less, live and barely scripted!  You’ll have the chance to ask us your questions about financial aid.

We’ll rerun the recording throughout the weekend too (sign up for both live and recorded.)

Note: This will be your last chance for a deep dive on the financial aid and college planning process before the FAFSA is released October 1st.


Please pass this information along to other parents!

Andy “Just The Facts” Lockwood

Financial aid, college admissions “Crunch Time!”

Last minute college planning, financial aid, scholarships tips for college-bound teens

Hi there

We’re headed into the home stretch for seniors, between struggling with college applications, essays, regular homework, teacher recommendations and those “Back To School” nights…

…Not to mention the official October 1 opening of Financial Aid Season, when the FAFSA and CSS Profile come out (less than two weeks!).

That’s why stress levels for Class of 2017 kids and parents these days are as high as Snoop Dogg!

(Note:  I thought about substituting “Gary Johnson” but went with Snoop Dogg instead.  Each made me giggle.)

Permit me to throw out three quickie, important tips:

  1. Trust your recommenders, guidance counselors to do their jobs – writing up your letters, sending your transcripts to EVERY college…but VERIFY.  A little paranoia goes a long way.

  2. Get a handle on your financial aid deadlines – they vary by school!  Look ‘em up on each college’s website.

  3. Also get a handle on WHICH FORMS each college requires, some want only the FAFSA, others want the CSS Profile also (NOT “in lieu of” the FAFSA, in addition to), still others have their own or additional forms

Failure to do any or all of the above could result in needlessly shooting yourself in the foot re: getting into your top choice colleges,  or getting the grants, scholarships and other financial aid you otherwise deserve!

Here’s a list of upcoming events that we’re holding to help you cope, whether you’re Class of 2017, 2018 or younger.

Please forward this notice around to any/all parents who could use it!!!

Speak soon,

-Andy “Crunch Time” Lockwood

The Strangest Financial Aid Secret

Free webinar discloses a treasure trove of tips to help you maximize your financial aid and scholarships award

Parents in the “Forgotten Middle Class” category, who think that financial aid isn’t for them, will be pretty, pretty surprised at what we’re going to discuss tonight, in our webinar (replay available to all registrants).

>>>>>>>>>7 Tuition Discounting Secrets

I’ll resist the teaser and “spoil” the ending, there is a TON of scholarships and other financial aid out there, specifically for six-figure earning families…

…who know where to look for them and have a strategy to find them!

If you’re scratching your head, wondering, “What in tarnation is this guy talking about?” (Hah, read your mind, right?), Pearl and I will explain the specific steps you must take to get hold of your share, promise.

Topics to be covered include:

  • 5 “land mines” in the financial aid process that can decimate any shot you have at meaningful financial aid – and how to avoid them

  • Four “loopholes”that can triple your eligibility for grants and scholarships that are hidden in plain sight

  • The inconvenient truth about scholarship websites and what to do about it

  • How to force a financial aid office to give you an extra $30,022 after their “final” award…even if you don’t possess compromising photos of your financial aid officer

  • The counterintuitive reason why a high “sticker price” college can cost LESS than a “cheaper” state university

  • The mysterious reason why colleges prefer to give their money to the upper middle class

  • More, including your questions (we’ve already gotten a bunch of questions and typically get a ton more in chat!)

Please pass this invite along to as many people you know who need this info!

Speak soon,

-Andy Lockwood

P.S.  Yes, there will be a replay, available to watch over the weekend.  Sign up tonight, we’ll send a link for the recording after we wrap up live.

Interview: Scholarship Strategist Ashley Hill

The truth about Scholly, Cappex and other scholarship websites revealed

Andy Lockwood grills scholarship strategy expert Ashley Hill about:

  • The biggest mistake applicants make when searching for scholarships
  • How reliable are websites like Scholly and Cappex
  • Scholarship essay tips
  • Local scholarships vs websites
  • The truth about volunteer hours and leadership
  • More!

Here’s where to get more information about our *guaranteed* scholarship strategic consulting services:

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Will Hillary Pay Your Tuition?

Clinton's college reform proposal and you

Yesterday, the Clinton campaign released its latest college proposal re: college cost reform. I tried to email Hillary for comment, but [fill in your own joke here!].
The highlight was that an estimated 80% of middle class families would receive free tuition at state universities.
Will it happen?
Who knows. I’m skeptical that any congress would approve a bill like this, probably because they’d be stuck on one small issue:
Who the heck would PAY for this?
Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% in favor of massive reform, but I just can’t see how Hillary (Bernie Lite?) could pull this off, any more than I can picture a big wall protecting our borders.
I think student loans are a bigger problem – they are too easy to obtain, and actually end up driving college costs higher, instead of making them more accessible.
How? Colleges have no incentive to reign in their tuition and fees, since the government is paying the bill on behalf of students. Tuition and fees are up 1,100% in the last 25 years (cost of living has increased 300%, by way of comparison).
Then there’s the issue of the quality of education, i.e. what is the return the investment for plunking down all that money for tuition. I actually like the concept of some of College Scorecard, which grades colleges on student debt, rates of completion and other factors. But it’s imperfect, because it overlooks crucial considerations such as the effort made by students, which of course varies and seems impossible to account for.
My advice? Don’t wait for Hillary, Santa Claus or anyone else to save the day.
You need to take matters into your own hands. Get your head out of the sand, maybe it’s been there for 15, 16 years, but it’s time to realize that things will not just magically work themselves out.
Your best bet to win the high stakes game of college is to arm yourself with knowledge that PAYS…
…and then IMPLEMENT it, so you can rake in huge discounts, and avoid deadly mistakes that can sabotage your eligibility for grants and scholarships.
The average discount offered by colleges is 48.6% – which means that there is a TON of scholarship and grant money out there if you know where to look.
There one more day left to enroll in Instant College Funding for 50% off (coupon code ‘1776’).
This training covers all the ins and outs of the financial aid system, so that you can get every last cent of what you deserve and need to send your child to his top choice school.
It also includes a walk through of the two main financial aid forms, the FAFSA and CSS Profile, which highlights each and and every money saving “loophole” – and deadly, money-losing “landmines” to avoid like a sandwich from a gas station.
Plus, you get sample letters, checklists and other bonuses that could, quite accurately and literally, save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.
I realize that sounds like Trumpian carnival barking puffery, but our clients’ results support every letter in this email.
ICF is guaranteed, too! All details are here:
Use the coupon code ‘1776’ (no quotes) at checkout to activate your discount.
Start your no-risk, trial membership today!
Your Friendly College Planning Guru,
– Andy Lockwood
P.S. Questions? Shoot us an email, I’ve been trying to keep up with my inbox since I got back from vacation!
516 882 5464

Declare Your Independence From The Overpriced, Rip Off Colleges

Arm yourself with insider knowledge on how to multiply your eligibility for financial aid and scholarships

This is completely unusual for us  – you can get our Instant College Funding System for 50% off right now AND a big fat bonus:  a personal review/critique of your financial aid forms…

…so we can catch any glaring, money-losing errors BEFORE the financial aid office does!

The “sticker price” on this system is $497- so you’re getting everything at a tiny fraction of that price (a measly $248.50!).

Check out this page where I explain everything  – including our unconditional, no hassles satisfacton guarantee.  Enter the coupon code ‘1776’ (no quotes) for the discount.

Why are we doing this goofy “Independence Week” sale?

Two hundred-plus years ago the Founders rose up against unfair, oppressive tyranny revolving around taxation without representation. In other words, they were getting ripped off.

Today’s “Forgotten Middle Class” families are facing a new tyranny: overpriced, rip-off colleges charging us up the wazoo for an education, the value of which is highly questionable, to say the least.

  • Student debt passed the $1.4 Trillion mark

  • Defaults are at least 20%

  • Student debt is the prime reason cited by college grads why they’re not starting a business or buying a home

  • 50% of recent college grads don’t have a job that requires a college degree!

I could go on and on with this declaration, but you get the point.  The deck is stacked against you, so now we’re doing something about it like Paul Revere riding through Boston, shouting his famous warning, whatever he actually said!

The other reason is that feedback from our initial “beta” group of customers has been flat out amazing, so I wanted to give you the same opportunity!

So…I am going to bend over backwards to get the Instant College Funding System into your hands…to the tune of 50% off.

ICF includes an incredibly easy to use, fun to watch series of lessons, checklists and other materials  on how to quickly, easily and accurately file your financial aid forms so you don’t lose out on financial aid because of a dumb mistake.

Even seemingly harmless, little errors can result in the lost of thousands – even TENS of thousands – of dollars of financial aid you otherwise deserved.   (I’m talking about mistakes of commission AND mistakes of omission!)

More importantly, you’ll see exactly where the specific money-sucking “landmines” lurk that you’ll need to avoid if you want to get the most $$ you’re entitled to.

Plus it covers what to do if you got “hosed” by the financial aid office, ‘cause it ain’t over until it’s over!  I’ll train you how to negotiate with the financial aid office so you can squeeze a few extra bucks out of them after their “final” offer!

And there’s more – the ICF system includes grant and scholarship-enhancing sneaky (but legal!) strategies to MULTIPLY your eligibility

…whether you’re a “Last Minute Louie” with deadlines looming (I know it’s summer, but FAFSA comes out in less than four months!) , or 1-2 years away from filing (you have a Junior or Sophomore).

You’ll never get this info from your guidance counselor, accountant or any book.  No way.

You’ll never get this info for a price this low, either.

30 Day Guarantee

There’s no risk to you, in the least, because this product is covered by a 30 day, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll see it on the description page.

But you must act now – I’m increasing the price back to $497 because feedback from past customers has made it crystal clear what incredible value we’re providing.

The HALF OFF sale ends midnight Saturday June 9th.

Go here to find out more.

*Enter the coupon code ‘1776’ (no quotes) for the discount.*

Plus, when you enroll in Instant College Funding System before midnight on Saturday, you get 3 additional bonuses worth $841:

— Bonus #1: We will personally review your FAFSA, CSS Profile and any other financial aid forms BEFORE you file, to give ‘em the once over and catch any glaring mistakes or identify any overlooked opportunities to save $$.  Value:  $495

Letters That Worked – letters of appeal/negotiation sent to financial aid offices to improve initial, stingy offers, editable in MS Word.  Each produced more than $16,000 in improved offers. (Each, not total!)  Value:  $97

**This can be pretty doggone valuable: last year, we helped one of our beta customers get an extra $16,200 from Harvard – their initial offer was a goose egg!** This year we used the same techniques to goose an initial offer from Muhlenberg by $10,075.  Two years ago, we improved an offer from Emory by $38,579.  (Each figure is for ONE year, fyi).

Note from the Legal Department (me): Obviously I cannot promise or imply that you’ll get similar results, but don’t you agree how this unconditionally guaranteed, trial offer is a no-brainer for any reasonable person?)

— Bonus #3 –

Fast Start Consultation – for the first 12 to enroll, complimentary phone consultation to ensure that you’re going down the right path with ICF and using it in the most time-efficient manner possible for your personal circumstances.  Value:  $249

Any of these bonuses could create a windfall for you that far exceeds the miniscule price you’d lay out to grab your membership today.  Think about it, any one little smidge of the advice contained in these 29-odd lessons could save you $2,000, $10,000 or even $20,000 – per YEAR – per kid!

All told, with your special discount, you’re saving 50% off the “sticker price” for the Instant College Funding System!

This is how you can make the smartest possible investment in your future…and your college-bound teens’ futures….for a teensy  fraction of the sticker price. 🙂

Which means that you could comfortably afford to send your deserving teen to her “dream” school, the one she worked so hard to get into!

My private consulting clients pay $2,500-8,500 for much of the advice contained in ICF.  Today, you can “steal” the same information for pennies on the dollar.

Here’s your link you need to get going with the Instant College Funding System, and in just seconds, you’ll be inside, learning all of our college cost-busting, secret  tools!


Enter the coupon code ‘1776’ (no quotes) for the discount.

Talk soon,

Andy Lockwood

PS – This BIG TIME sale ends at midnight on Saturday, July 9th!

To get your discount, just go here, don’t forget the code ‘1776’ to get 50% off.

P.P.S.  I know this sounds hypey, but the truth is self evident – whether you have a rising Senior, Junior or younger, the Instant College Funding System could change you and your child’s life.