Discover How To Multiply Chances Of Admission To Your “Dream School,” Slash College Costs By 48.6%

...College admissions, financial aid and scholarship "secrets" ESPECIALLY for those who think, "Why bother, families like us can't qualify for anything!"

Dear Fellow Parent:

This site is for parents of college-bound teens, who are uptight, stressed and confused about the college planning process, especially:

  • Paying for college and financial aid
  • Qualifying for scholarships
  • Finding a “good fit” college
  • Getting into college
  • Avoiding crushing student debt
  • Choosing a major that will lead to a satisfying and lucrative career, instead of forcing your college grad into the basement in between shifts making half-caff soy macchiatos


But before you read any further:

WARNING! I’m dead sure that…

What I have to say is likely the complete opposite of the advice you’ve gotten from “experts” like guidance counselors, accountants and your “financial guy.”

My name is Andy Lockwood, I’m a college financial aid and admissions consultant.  My partner, Pearl Chizner Lockwood (we’re married, the last name thing isn’t a coincidence) help parents and coach kids through the college financial aid, scholarship, college selection, college essays etc. etc. etc. process.

Our approach is definitely NOT right for everyone. Here are a few examples, off the top of my head:

  • You may have saved in the “wrong” places (as far as the financial aid formulas are concerned) even though your CPA or (commissioned) financial advisor told you where to stash your hard-earned cash
  • If you’re a business owner, you may be unaware of often overlooked, unique, legal and ethical income tax and financial aid “loopholes” that could save you thousands per year
  • You may think “People like us don’t qualify for anything” even though most aid goes to families earning six figure incomes (I know, it sounds strange, but you’ll “get” the common sense explanation immediately)
  • There’s a strong likelihood that you are looking at the wrong colleges if you care about scholarships and grants
  • Your kid may not doing the right things necessary to get into his dream college, especially when you consider that he is competing with 5,000-20,000 other applicants with virtually the same grades and standardized test scores
  • You may be ignoring the sleeping elephant in the room:  the “Next 40” years of your child’s life. Sometimes the same old “Rear Window Sticker” colleges and popular majors turn out to be bad choices for kids who unthinkingly select them when you look at how well they prepare their graduates for life after college
  • You are blissfully unaware of disturbing statistics facing today’s college graduates:  46% of grads are not employed in a field that requires a college degree…TWO YEARS after graduating…and only 33% of college students manage to graduate in four years!
  • You don’t have any sense of humor.  In fact, you prefer to be stressed about the college process even though that, by the time May 1st of senior year rolls around,  there is a documented 37% chance that you will lack the mental capacity to say anything other than  “The pudding is tasty” because excessive cortisol levels from college stress have short-circuited your brain

Pearl and I have worked with families with college-bound children for more than 15 years to help them avoid the stress and emotional pain I went through when I racked up $100,000 plus in debt between college and law school.  We now have four kids and have sworn a blood oath that none of them will go through anything remotely like what I endured.

That’s why we founded our college consulting practice, and why I wrote my first  book,  How to Pay “Wholesale” for College – to help “Forgotten Middle Class” beat colleges at their own game. Even though it made #1 best seller status, I’m giving it away because we promised we’d do so after we made $10 Million in book sales and Steve Martin optioned the book.  

OK, the real reason that you can download the book for free is because we want to thank you for stopping by this website and taking the time to read our “stuff.”

Easily understood, “insider” admissions and financial aid tips and strategies

The book is a quick read, but full of important, easy-to-access, helpful information, including:

  • Which savings accounts “count” against you more than others
  • Which savings accounts are EXEMPT entirely?
  • How to predict a financial aid award
  • The deadliest mistakes people make in admissions, the college essay and financial aid, and how to avoid them
  • More

What is missing from How to Pay “‘Wholesale” for College

You will not find any sales pitch or coercive, hard-core cajoling to hire us in the book.

Why? I’ve learned the hard way that our approach is not right for everybody, particularly in those situations where I tell an entitled young lad (or lass)  – and parents – that, given his B plus average, mediocre standardized test scores and noncompelling (should be a word) extra-curricular activities, he’s not getting into Princeton or Stanford and should look at a different tier of colleges.

Or that his college essay is not going to magically write itself…or be written by someone else (i.e., me)!

I could go on, but you get the point – I find a lot of today’s kids “uncoachable” and have no interest in spending time with them, pounding a square peg into a round hole.

(Does this sound a little grouchy? 🙂

Bottom line:  you can review our material without any fear of pressure…you’re probably feeling maxed out in that department from the college process already! 

Please feel free to noodle around the rest of this site, you’ll stumble across:

Thanks for giving our information the old “college try!”


– Andy Lockwood

P.S.  “The old college try.”  Funny.